If you were injured on the job and the insurance company has stopped paying for your medical treatment, then the insurance company may be claiming that you have reached what is called “maximum medical improvement.” Under South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law, maximum medical improvement is the point at which an injured worker has reached such a plateau that, in their physician’s opinion, no further medical care or treatment will lessen the degree of impairment. However, even if you have reached maximum medical improvement, you may still be entitled to medical care or treatment which would lessen the period of your disability. In that case, your employer may still be required to provide you with treatment even after you have reached maximum medical improvement.

If this all sounds a bit complicated, it can be. In some instances, your treatment may be cut short. The workers’ compensation insurance company may take the position you are no longer in need of treatment. It is also important to note that if you are currently receiving temporary total disability benefits and are determined to be at maximum medical improvement, then this may signal the end of your weekly benefits. Whether you are determined to have reached maximum medical improvement or to have not reached such a plateau, The Miller Law Firm, P.A., may be able to help.
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