Once you are released at “maximum medical improvement” by your treating physician, you may be entitled to permanent disability benefits if your work-related injury is determined to result in permanent impairment. However, in many instances, the treating physician’s impairment rating may not take into account all of your work-related injuries. In many cases, it may be help to get what is called an Independent Medical Evaluation to help the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission determine the extent of your permanent impairment resulting from your work injury. These impairment ratings may in turn be used by the hearing Commissioner assigned to your case to help him or her determine the extent of permanent disability caused by your work-related injury.

At The Miller Law Firm, P.A., we may be able to help you assess whether you are in need of any further evaluation before taking your case before the Commission. At this point, you may also have been made an offer of settlement by the insurance company and we may be able to assist in evaluating your claim. Call the Miller Law Firm, P.A. today at (864) 527-0413 for a free 30-minute consultation.