The Miller Law Firm, PA can help your family plan for the potential need for long term care by reviewing your situation with you and recommending a strategy to meet the costs of long term care while helping preserving assets. Medicaid planning and qualification is a process, not an event. The Firm can guide you through this very difficult to navigate process.

The Medicaid Planning Process begins with information gathering. The Firm will gather information from you regarding your and your spouse’s (if applicable) health, finances and family objectives. Based on this information, The Firm will devise a plan specific to your situation. The plan reviews the options available to you to finance long term care. We review with you the Medicaid Law and explain how your assets are counted for Medicaid eligibility purposes. We will also explain the impact the five year “look back” period for prior financial transfers can have on your Medicaid eligibility.

Once the required information is collected and the relevant laws and rules explained, The Firm will evaluate different asset and income protection tools and make recommendations to you, including:

  • right of spousal refusal;
  • a gifting program;
  • conversion of non-exempt assets into exempt assets;
  • implementing a personal care contract;
  • income trusts to receive disqualifying income.

The Firm will look at the different Medicaid options available and help determine the amount of resources and income you may be entitled to retain. We will also help you understand the benefits you are entitled to receive. Once a plan has been adopted, The Firm will help you implement the plan by drafting the necessary legal documents, completing and submitting the Medicaid application, if appropriate, and working together with your other professional advisers. Call the Miller Law Firm, P.A. today at (864) 527-0413.