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We assists clients in planning for incapacity by preparing durable powers of attorney.
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The Miller Law Firm, PA assists clients in planning for incapacity by preparing durable powers of attorney. The durable financial power of attorney is a detailed document providing legal authority for a representative to act on behalf of a client when the client is unable physically and/or mentally to act on his/her own. When necessary, we use language in our power of attorney documents which relates specifically to our clients’ distinctive issues. Each of our Advance Directives is specifically reviewed and analyzed for appropriateness to each client’s situation.

The Firm prepares designations of health care powers of attorney. The health care power of attorney document allows clients to choose friends or relatives who may step in to make vital health care decisions if there comes a time that our clients are unable to do so themselves. We take care to ensure all state and federal regulations are complied with, including HIPAA language and South Carolina statutory requirements.

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The Firm also prepares living wills, disposition of remains forms, and can help you think about pre-planning funeral arrangements. Living wills lay out the client’s wishes regarding life sustaining devices and should be revised occasionally to remain current with new and evolving laws and medical technology. Living wills are appropriate for younger or older clients. Younger adults tend to be susceptible to trauma-related persistent vegetative states or catastrophic diagnoses of terminal conditions. Younger adults also tend to be subjected to more heroic measures being undertaken in an attempt to save life. Older adults and seniors tend to be susceptible to chronic and degenerative illnesses resulting in prolonged and frequent hospital stays and medical treatment that may not be wanted. Living Wills are useful for either situation.

We can help you ensure that you wishes will be followed in the event that you are unable to act on your own. Call the Miller Law Firm, P.A. today at (864) 527-0413.

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